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SLZ and Associates provides computer support services and Internet business and personal site development services for home and business clients in the Northeast Ohio region.

Service is available for Cuyahoga, Lorain, Medina, Summit, Portage, Geauga and Lake counties.

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Terms of Service

By visiting this site, you agree to the following:

Your use of this site is at your own risk. This site is designed to provide information about products and services and may at times not be available for use, as detemined by site admin, for maintainence.

Site Admin has taken every precaution to protect and preserve this site and every site maintained by SLZ and Associates, so your visit and site use is simple, easy and uninterrupted. At times, any site may become unusable or corrupted due to conditions beyond Site Adminís immediate control.

Sites may be down for maintenance at times, as deemed necessary by Site Admin. Every effort will be made to have all of the sites available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or as much as possible, for active subscriptions and site visitors.

Relevant to any business listing or advertising on any sites maintained by SLZ and Associates.

Every effort has been taken by SLZ and Associates to present businesses and their products or services as best as possible to all site visitors. Site Admin cannot guarantee or recommend that any products or services available from any members will serve the needs of any consumer.

Site Adminís responsibility is to provide people, running their small business, with a unique Internet business platform for promoting their businesses and advertising their products and services. SLZ and Associates is not responsible for loss or corruption of data on any  supported site, which may affect a business or advertising related to a businesses products or services.

It is the sole responsibility of site users to maintain copies of all information and advertising used at any sites supported by SLZ and Associates. SLZ and Associates will make every attempt to preserve all user data and advertising, but in the event of loss, it is the site users or site owners responsibility to replace any data or advertising, as requested by Site Admin.

Termination of Services

In all service cases, SLZ and Associates or any SLZ and Associates customer may terminate any services at any time, for whatever reason. In all cases of termination of services for any sites maintained by SLZ and Associates, the services related costs will be prorated and refunded to the customer for any unused portion of a service.

Site Admin reserves the right to change these Terms of Service at any time.